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We are EVANS ENTERPRISES, the manufacturers of instant food products, creating the innovations in taste and convenience to our customers. Our brand cheffings have a range of products on instant curry pastes of traditional south Indian culinary which will treat your taste buds with delectable dishes. Our product with traditional recipes includes all natural ingredients needed for a curry in a single pack we believe in providing ethnic tastes and making it convenient for our customers and relieving them from the burden of heavy kitchen activities.

We love culinary art and our passion is mixed up into every pack.

Cheffings curry paste is made of all natural ingredients. The paste form locks the flavor and nutrition more efficiently, Now cook like a Pro. Save time and make delicious recipes

Our vision – To deliver instantaneous delectable and authentic dishes of unique quality to every home.

Our mission – We are devoted to the culinary art of curry pastes from pure ingredient selection to fine tuning them with authentic taste and flavors. We believe not only in the innovation of taste but in the wholesome and nutritious products we aspire to bring creativity and convenience to food by a committed team of talented individuals so that our customers can find enjoyment and relaxation in the kitchen.

Quality policy – Centering on product innovation through high quality natural ingredients and raw materials we ensure our involvement in the design, creation, and packaging of our products, means that consumers can use our products with confidence. Quality is more than just a word and procedures, to us quality is philosophy.